SC Recyclers & Dismantlers Assn.

The RDA Dispatch Advertising Rate Card


The RDA Dispatch is the official quarterly publication of the South Carolina Recyclers & Dismantlers Association.  Publication in The RDA Dispatch does not necessarily indicate endorsement by the SCRDA.

Ad Size                                                Members                                           Non-Members

Classified and/or Business Card         $45 per issue                                     $55 per issue 

1/4 Page                                                 $62 per issue                                        $75per issue

Page                                                    $92 per issue                                        $110 per issue

Full Page                                                 $182 per issue                                      $220 per issue

Full Page-Inside Front/InsideBack         $230 per issue                                      $275 per issue

Mechanical Requirements

Format:  Page trim size: 8 x 11 inches Standard Unit Sizes    Width      Depth

    Print area 7 3/4 x 10 inches Full Page     7 3/4 inches     10 inches

Half Page     7 3/4 inches     5 inches


One Quarter Page     3 7/8 inches     5 inches


One Eighth Page     3 7/8 inches     2 inches


Business Name:______________________________________ Phone:________________


Mailing Address:____________________________________________ Fax:____________


Ad Size:________________ Number of Issues:____________ Amount Due:______________


Special Instructions:___________________________________________________________


Please direct inquiries by mail to SC Recyclers & Dismantlers Association, P.O. Box 1763,

Columbia, SC 29202, by phone to (803/877) 252-0580, or by fax to (803) 252-0589.